Step 1: Create your Preferred Customer Account
          a. Go to MY ACCOUNT Tab
          b. In the right corner "REGISTER", enter your email address and create password
          (see illustration below)

Step 2: Now you can setup your Preferred Customer Account
          a. Go to Billing Address then click Edit
          b. Billing Address Form will appear
          c. Enter your delivery and billing information
          d. Preferred Customer Account successfully made
          (see illustration below)

Step 3: Start Shopping
* You can now start shopping by browsing our Shop Page. 
* Scroll down or click the page number to view more of our products. 
* Click the image if you want to view the product information.
* Click the Add to Cart button if you want to purchase the product. 
          a. Go to Shop Page
          b. Click the Add to Cart button to select the Product you want to purchase
          c. View Cart by clicking the Cart Tab in the Menu Bar or the view cart indicated under the Add to Cart button
          d. You can also view your Cart by hovering your mouse on the cart icon located on the upper right corner of the page
          e. Your Cart Page will Appear
          f. While inside the Cart Page and you're thinking to add another product, simply go to the search box below and type the name of the product.
          g. Your Search result will appear, then add any of the product by clicking add to cart
          (see illustration below)

Step 4: Let's view your shopping Cart
          a. Once you've been redirected to the Shopping Cart page, you will see the item you have ordered.
          b. You can adjust the quantity of your orders by clicking the up and down arrow or simply type the number in the quantity column
          c. You can remove product from your cart by clicking the red X icon on left side of the column.
          d. If you have a Discount Code or Coupon Code, you can also enter it at the space provided.
          e. To add more items to your cart, simply select "Continue Shopping"
          f. If you purchased a minimum of ₱ 10,000.00 worth of product, you'll receive FREE SHIPPING

          (see illustration below)

When you're finish, simply click “Proceed to Check Out” button.

Step 5: You will be redirected to the Check Out page.
* Here you can see your delivery and billing information, Payment and shipping information and your order details. (see illustration below)

Once your order has been successfully recorded in our system, you will be redirected to this page.

Products - PCP.PH 15

You can return to your "MY ACCOUNT" Page to view your recent order. Click View button to view your order details or you can click the download invoice button to view your invoice.

Our Shop Manager will receive a notification about your order. NOW SERVING. (see illustration below)

After the Shop Manager served your order, you can check the status of your order in your My Account Page to verify if it's already completed. (see illustration below)

Order Completed and to be delivered to the billing and delivery address you provide in your Preferred Customer Account.

Easy and Accessible Shopping

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